Amazon to Uncover all Fake Merchant’s Selling Counterfeit on Website

Amazon Inc. has successfully cracked down the fake companies that are selling counterfeit products on its e-commerce sites. The tech giant has decided to give more information regarding this to law enforcement.


Customers have accused Amazon of selling counterfeits and allegedly unsafe products on its platform. These fake companies have also frustrated top labels such as Nike Inc. and Apple Inc., preventing them from selling their products via Amazon at all.


The person who spoke on the condition of anonymity said that the world’s largest online retailer has made authorities aware of counterfeit peddlers whenever it got enough information for police to pursue the offender. Nonetheless, the e-commerce giant has decided to expose the counterfeit merchant’s information to U.S and European federal authorities each time it identifies counterfeit being sold to customers. The purpose of the program happening now isn’t clear.


Amazon and Apple made a deal in 2018 that required Amazon to eliminate the sites of products from merchants, which are not authorized by Cupertino, California based tech company. The company has launched a tool that removes counterfeit brands and sues peddler selling fake products. Its purpose is to offer more products for sale and increase profit.


Amazon has rounded up with related organizations and government authorities to further discuss its new counterfeit reporting strategy and the company’s further efforts. This strategy adopted by Amazon is expected to fulfil the law enforcements to make connections about criminals.


According to the source, the company will be reporting the company’s name, merchant’s names, contact information, and products to the authorities right after it confirms that the company was selling fake products. Amazon will also cease the sellers’ account so that the account holder will not be able to make any successful transactions via Amazon’s typical processes.


During April memo, Donald Trump commanded a crackdown of the fakes that are sold through online marketplaces during the company was engaged in trade talks with China. The president’s administration also decided to add some of Amazon’s websites to the “Notorious Markets” list for counterfeits.


Pirated and counterfeit goods in global trade make around half a trillion dollars every year according to an estimate quoted in Trump memo.


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